Breath of a Moth




Still life of stamps and ink pads.


Isn’t color wonderful? Extra Vivid color can turn a plain photograph into something full of life. I love playing with the color settings on my phone camera using the b612 selfie app. I use the setting called Sheep. It makes the colors really bright and vivid and brings out highlights and shadows.

Lemonade Dream

These images come from a series I did. It is photographs of tulle on canvas. I love the way tulle lets you play with color and line. Editing the photos on my phone is satisfying.  I create moodscapes out of tulle, glitter, and Swarovski crystal jewels. Soon I will create them out of yarn, pom poms, paint, curling ribbon, tissue, sequins, and other materials. Photographic bright, colorful objects sparks my  creativity.