A Thorough Education

Welcome to the Life Center,

with sparkly resources to help you warm winter.

Are you a cartwheel?

A suspicious glance?

A still wind?

We can help you get back to work.

We offer many courses:

Earth Spinning

Bone Knitting

Light Painting –

and certifications in

Prebirth Fantasy,

Pain Sculpture

Freeway Fashion.

Visit us today in the Building of Roses,

at the corner of Air and Fire.


Designing My Own Destruction From Glitter

The road curls into

a ring I wear on my finger.

The humid spring air squeezes through

my open window,



and loved.


Somewhere out there I am a baby

Writing great epistolaries in brooding vomit.


In the center of a field,

I’m ignorant,


too generous,

my senses plundered

by clouds of venom


I can’t go back to the day I left

My universe of birth

and I don’t want to.

I rinsed the dust of it from my hair.

I glow pure yellow into the waking calendar,

designing my own destruction from